The price does not exceed 5000 baht, but it depends on the diagnosis of the doctor who provides the service and the factual information for the service recipient.

No, if the service recipient provides accurate and clear information.

  • In the event that the service recipient provides false service information
  • having an incomplete abortion as diagnosed by a doctor

cannot be refunded So should make a careful decision. because when the money transfer occurs The system will check and deliver the medicine to the service recipient as soon as possible. Including there will be a communication process for treatment and follow up on treatment results. therefore cannot be refunded

Contact the hotline 1452 press 1. There will be a team of doctors to give advice.

The procedure will be as follows.
1. Inform the phone number to the staff. And wait for the SMS message. Click the link to enter the telemedicine system.

2. Press the link to log into the service system

3. Scan the QR code to enter the service system.

for the convenience of receiving the service The service recipient must do the following:

The service recipient must prepare a film of ultrasound results. for the doctor to diagnose and inform the service fee

  • within the region 1-3 days
  • Other regions 5-7 days

You can check from the link that the system sends in the SMS message.

I’m sorry, I can’t because the ultrasound can tell two things.

  1. how many weeks pregnant
  2. Is pregnancy normal in the uterine cavity?

Service recipients can receive ultrasound examination services.

  1. clinic near home
  2. hospital near home and then results for the medical team to diagnose

Careful advice from telemedicine

  1. when you receive the package Please press the link in the message (sms) to confirm the receipt of the parcel.
  2. Add Line ppat90 with a photo and send it back to confirm to enter the medical consultation process.
  3. Wait for advice on starting medication from a doctor.
  4. When ready to begin the healing process (should not be more than 3 days after receiving the drug).
  5. Click on the link in the message ( sms ) received to initiate the automated system notification process to complete the maintenance process.

We use two drugs together, starting with taking the first drug. (Mifepristone) after 24-48 hrs. Suck on or insert the second pill (Misoprostol).

Symptoms include fever, chills, numbness of the extremities, nausea, vomiting, loose stools, abdominal pain.

  1. Observe tissues – embryos. that came out during the abortion
  2. The pain will disappear within 3-5 days.
  3. The bleeding stops within 7-14 days.
  4. Negative urine test results within 2-4 weeks.

In general, 3-5% may have incomplete abortion problems. which some people need to be admitted to the hospital

Contact through the channels listed. Both by phone and Line

  • After receiving the drug for 3 days, it must be used immediately.
  • The ultrasound results must be current.
  • Giving information of service recipients must not be false.

In the telemedicine system there is a tracking process. Must strictly follow the procedures or advice of a doctor. Notice your own symptoms as follows.

  • Complications
  • Abdominal pain that lasts more than 3 days, does not get better after taking painkillers
  • fever, chills
  • Bleeding a lot, using more than 2 sanitary pads in 1 hour.
  • Symptoms that may indicate a failed abortion
  • Morning sickness persists for more than 3 days after using the medication.
  • The bleeding stopped before 5 days.

If these symptoms are found, immediately contact the doctor at the number provided.